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At Vytal Accounting Services, our clients are the lifeblood of our company. We keep your finances organized, but we also become a part of your business.
If you ever need advice or the support of a second opinion, we'll be there because we want you to succeed as much as you do.

Here is what some of our clients have to say  about working with us:

Accounting Service and Business Planning Advice

I first hired Frank as my one-to-one business coach and then I engaged Vytal Accounting to take care of my accounting to help my company.  Sales went up as have grown revenues. 

-Peter H.  Vice President, Sales

I wanted a tax preparer that I could count on at different times throughout the year, not just at tax time! What I like the most about Vytal Accounting is they are always available to give me advice and they take time to get my taxes done right. I think what sets them apart from other firms is they get to know you and your ever-changing tax situation. 

— FW - Tax Client

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Team Leadership

The coaching helped us keep our team focused on the goals and motivated to do their best to achieve them, and our team leader learned how to use our ideas and suggestions too!

--FP -Sales Biz

I have the highest regard for the professionalism of Frank Ohlin and the staff at Vytal Accounting. I have been associated with Vytal for years, and in that time, they have always been punctual and professional with all of my payroll, bookkeeping, and tax services. I feel that my business runs extremely efficiently because they have truly partnered with my company in order to keep us on track all the time.   

-Allan W. Regional Manager

People Working in Open Office

Knowledge, Answers, Service

The personal and courteous service of Vytal Bookkeeping, their prompt answers to any questions, careful attention to detail, up-to-the-minute knowledge of current tax laws, and wonderful advice have all been factors which have contributed to the continuous success of my business. I feel truly fortunate to have the hard-working people of Vytal Bookkeeping in my corner.

I have recommended them to friends and family.

-Geyle E.Marketing Agency

Trusted Service, Impeccable Results


Vytal has an accounting system that does not require us to drop off and pick up our financial records.

We rely on them. It's easy.

-Jeff K. Auto Service

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Nice People who Help Support Me by Emails
Their staff of accountants are always down to earth and friendly. I am able to email for advice and they get back to me.
They are reliable and know what I need for my business to keep on growing and bringing more money, clients and contracts.

-Erica K. Developer


Employment Law

They help me stay in compliance and keep me on top of changing tax and employment law.

-Theresa B. Spa Owner

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Just Bought a New Business

I just bought a new business and as I was new to business, I was looking for someone who would set up our books correctly from the start. I also wanted a company who would also take the time to teach me, so that I could better understand the financial side of the business. I found that in Vytal Accounting Services. I can reach out to Frank and his staff by phone or email anytime, and they always promptly get back to me. They take the time to answer my questions, meet with me to walk me through step by step if necessary. They have taken the time to learn about my business - about us - so that they can best advice and guide us in our financial growth. I feel very confident that Vytal Accounting Services has our best interests in mind - and totally trust them with our books!

--Sam N. Concrete Finishing

Benefits For the Entire Retail Store
Vytal Accounting Experts use an individualized practical approach in real-time that was tailored to us because every company, situation and person is unique. We talked about ongoing critical challenges and obstacles and they provided immediate feedback and support.

-Jerry R. Retail Store Owner

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-Aria L. Realty Office Mgr.

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