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Payrol & HR Services 

Our virtual payroll services include payroll, tax, and human resources knowledge to helping clients find business solutions. As a payroll consultant, I identify clients’ business needs, recommend 

improvements to payroll services or best practices, as well as computing payments, deductions, and tax information. i can also evaluate team member performance, perform tax reporting yea-end processes, and provide strategic analysis for payroll-related initiatives and projects.

  • Gather information on hours worked for each employee

  • Calculate the correct amount incorporating overtime, deductions, bonuses etc. with assistance of a computer system

  • Receive approval from upper management for payments when needed

  • Prepare and execute pay orders through an electronic system or distribute paychecks

  • Administer statements of payment to personnel either electronically or on paper

  • forensic payroll consultant

  • small business payroll consultant

  • large company payroll consultant

  • third-party payroll consultant

  • payroll outsourcing consultant





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Giving Your Business Direction

Your professional business coach will help
your business grow. 

Your professional business and executive coach provides expertise and experience gained from over 20 years of hands-on business experience to his clients.

His consulting helps business owners thrive. Many years of education combined with experience working with a wide array of professions, give him his well-grounded reputation for helping clients make better decisions based on reliable financial information and guidance. 

In his consulting for small business sessions, he provides complex business strategies and actionable plans designed to improve your financial return and bottom line.

In addition to driving financial results, consulting for small business services can also breathe new life into every aspect of your business, helping you achieve your entrepreneurial and strategic goals.

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