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Payroll Services Designed for Your Business

Certified, experienced payroll professionals

Pay your people with ease and confidence
Payroll processing that’s faster and easier 

Professional Certified Bookkeepers and Accountants
High-Quality Executive & Small Business-Coaching Services

We can help you manage compliance with payroll and tax requirements, wage and hour laws, and much more

Payroll services built for a better experience

Whether your company is big, small or somewhere in between, Vytal Accounting and Bookkeeping has you covered

We have the right online payroll services for your business

 Ask about packages for your business size


Full-Service Payroll by Certified Experts

Help avoid costly mistakes before they happen

Call or email with us to get help from our payroll experts

Bookkeepers and Accountants provide full-service payroll and tax filing

Choose The Plan That's

Right For You


Advanced Package With recruiting, employee

handbook, employee wellness, and

more HR features






Business Coaching is the Smartest Thing You Can Do For Your Small Business Startup

A small business coach designs individualizes specialized systems and strategies with you to help you set and meet your particular goals. We’ll provide small business growth strategies that will enable you to outperform your competitors even in the most challenging times. 

We will help you define your business vision and develop your business plan from business vision and mission statements, executive summary and industry overview, and management and operating plans, to financial plans. 

Business coaching programs address the many pain points small business owners experience such as:

  • Sales and revenue growth 

  • Hiring, managing and retaining top-tier employees

  • Creating operations and systems that work for your small business

  • Business overload and burnout

  • Managing a crisis

  • Cash-Flow

  • Grow your email base

  • Build video content

  • Customer relationship and retention

  • Marketing

  • Small business framework

  • Systems development to generate enough cash flow to stay in business, to finance your business growth to a size that is sufficiently large, given your industry and market niche, to earn an economic return on your assets and labor

Your experienced coach will offer proven actionable solutions give you the best tips for starting, running and growing your small business.


If you are self-employed, an entrepreneur, or own a small business your coach will give advice and insight to huge here to give you the best tips for starting, running, or growing your small business.

About Business Process Consulting 

As a business process consultant, I'm dedicated to entrepreneurs and business owners and feel driven to assist them in increasing their business productivity and profits. As such I'm an implementer of change management, strategy development, and operational improvement.

It is gratifying to help small business owners with their startups and growth. During consulting meetings with business owners of small to medium sized businesses we have teamed together to create and update business policies and procedures, and developed and implemented electronic forms to standardize information collection and customer driven reporting.

Providing analysis and advice to improve and organization's productivity, most often by company owners have seen annually increasing profits through competitor pricing market research. Consulting with owners to improve daily processes has reduced their employee turnover and increased staff satisfaction creativity and encouraged innovative thinking.


Helping owners through review and analysis, to re-engineer existing business processes and how to address gaps increased proficiencies. I provide analysis and advice to improve an organization's productivity, usually by refining strategy or infrastructure. I can offer general business services or specialize in a specific aspect of business. As an external consultant I research and analyze the processes and systems that a business implements and design a recommendations document to leave with owners improve these processes with the

goal to improve overall efficiency.




Degrees Certifications Groups & Societies

CFIB (Canadian Federation of Independent Businesses)

Business Management Degree

Business Administration and Accountancy Degree

Life Coaching-Social Media Marketing Mastery Certification

Small Business Coaching Certification & More than 20 Years Business Experience

PWA-Professional Writers Alliance Certification

BYU | Management Society

LinkedIn Networking

Jack Welch Management Institute

BYU | Entrepreneur Association

Harvard Business Review

Digital Marketing @ Jack Welch Management Institute

Finance/Accounting Consultants Group

Ziglar Group

APPE | Association For Practical and Professional Ethics

20201128_153236 (3).jpg
Small Business Owner

Giving Your Business Direction

Your professional business coach will help
your business grow. 

Your professional business and executive coach provides expertise and experience gained from over 20 years of hands-on business experience to his clients.

His consulting helps business owners thrive. Many years of education combined with experience working with a wide array of professions, give him his well-grounded reputation for helping clients make better decisions based on reliable financial information and guidance. 

In his consulting for small business sessions, he provides complex business strategies and actionable plans designed to improve your financial return and bottom line.

In addition to driving financial results, consulting for small business services can also breathe new life into every aspect of your business, helping you achieve your entrepreneurial and strategic goals.

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